Despite an already six month cool-off period, for 2018 we see more sideways and downside potential in the Bitcoin price due to sluggish retail demand, hesitation from institutions, and a current market cap that seems too high relative to on-chain activity.

Many investors and advisors are on record stating that $5,700 was the bottom in Bitcoin for this year, and that higher prices lie ahead. While we are very bullish on Bitcoin’s long term prospects, we do heed caution for more short term price optimism.

To find the starting point of…

After the ransomware attacks of today, in which it appears at least 50,000 systems (including those of UK’s NHS, Santander & Caterpillar) were affected by a worm demanding Bitcoin as ransom, I thought of compiling some resources which build the case that ransomware is a growing trend disrupting digital business…

With almost 100 attendees from very diverse backgrounds, I was able to absorb a huge amount of new information at this year’s Satoshi Roundtable. Here are six hypotheses that I take away:

1. Bitcoin matures as a financial asset

Remembering my chats with two CEOs, a CTO, and a fund manager at the conference, it’s clear to…

Proponents of Bitcoin as ‘digital cash’ place more emphasis on the accessibility aspect, arguing that its transaction fees should be low, whereas proponents of Bitcoin as ‘digital gold’ are more focused on its security, arguing that this should not be compromised by efforts to lower costs.

In my opinion Bitcoin…

Tuur Demeester

Economist & investor. Mainly Bitcoin.

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