7 Lessons I learned About Investing in Bitcoin

1. First, and most importantly: Do Your Homework

  • “global” means that anyone in the world can use it;
  • “digital” means that it’s super fast and nearly free;
  • “protocol” means that it is carefully constructed and approved by many;
  • “trustless” means that it’s extremely reliable & not dependent on third parties;
  • “information synchronisation” means that it can host and secure any type of contract imaginable;
  • and “property allocation” means that you can use it to determine your ownership of money or economic goods, and that you can use the network to transport property to anyone you want at any time.

2. Don’t make things too complicated: first and foremost, focus on acquiring some coins

3. Security, security, security

4. Don’t overestimate the impact of politics

5. Mass Psychology : understand and ride the wave

6. Understand the interaction of all things Crypto

  • When do you invest in Bitcoin mining? When nobody thinks it is profitable anymore.
  • When do you diversify into altcoins? When Bitcoin is entering a new hype phase in the media and the price starts rising.
  • When do you sell your altcoins for Bitcoin? Well, when these are hyped as well, and are breaking records valuations compared to Bitcoin.

7. Invest what you feel comfortable with

Closing remarks




Economist & investor. Mainly Bitcoin.

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Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester

Economist & investor. Mainly Bitcoin.

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